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About us

Nicole Pressly Wolf

Raised as a city girl and being a lifelong environmental activist, journalist and secret science nerd, I never imagined I'd be able to farm or care directly for the earth beyond my written activism. Moving West, I wanted my next “career” to be intentional work in a practical and tactile environment, not in front of a computer. Oh and yeah — for the benefit of all. Now, with America's fungi awakening, I have found my true way forward. Since the move, I became fascinated with mushrooms and devoured books, films, teachings. I attended numerous mushroom growing workshops. I started a daily supplement of powdered mushrooms looking for support with all that comes with aging, from brain power to general energy. Within weeks I noticed my memory had improved and my energy was up. I was hooked! All that I have learned about the fungi kingdom inspires awe and wonder. Farming mushrooms and creating a permaculture farm has allowed me to offer health to my family, my community, and the planet.

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Benjamin Wolf

Raised on an 150 acre farm across the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers from Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, I learned early on the value of hard work and history. Our family created vineyards out of stony fields, sold Christmas trees, and cared for sheep and cows. Today, my mother still lives on the land and our extended family owns Chaseholm Farm, a 3rd generation dairy farm and artisanal cheese making company in Pines Plains, NY.

Throughout my filming career I have brought a combination of skill, creativity and collaboration to my work as a Director of Photography and Director of documentaries and doc-style series.

I'm excited to be coming full circle with agriculture in my life and being a part of the new wave of farmers tending the health of the soil through regenerative practices.

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